Not everyone knows that one of the confectionary factories producing our exclusive Belle Amie line is almost 110 years old and another has just celebrated its 90th anniversary. Our producers have won numerous national and international awards including several "Grand Prix/Product of the Year" awards. The production facilities are ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and HAACP (Food Safety) certified and comply with the strictest international food safety regulations.

We prize our deep-rooted traditions and withal we are future-oriented. We try to get out the best of our long-time experience in confectionary production and combine our knowledge with the best innovations in the world of confections. Our products represented in the market are manufactured on the most modern technologies with exploitation of high-performance precision equipment from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, and other countries. Our work is based on the following principles:

To make tasty and wholesome products our factories cooperates only with reliable suppliers of premium raw materials. Nowadays all the main raw materials are imported from abroad whether these are finest hazelnuts from the Netherlands, almonds from Italy, raisins from California, or cacao beans from Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast).
De gustibus non est disputandum ("In matters of taste, there can be no disputes")... Regular work of our confectionery specialists on improving and developing new recipes gives us possibility to produce sweets that can satisfy different tastes of our customers. Despite the fact that our technologists are highly qualified, the company regularly turns to world-renown confectioners in order to transform their experience and creative ideas into production of new and exclusive sweets.
Along with production of goods that are already popular among the customers our company is constantly working on development of new products. We carefully consider the wishes of the clients. We are launching new products into the market or re-designing packaging only after marketing researches and preliminary degustation have been carried out.
We are well aware that the high-quality product with an excellent taste should be packed appropriately. Thus, our specialists and design studios from Germany, Latvia, and other countries are constantly working on packaging design to correspond to the marvelous taste of our sweets.

The use of exceptionally high-quality raw materials, exploitation of modern high-technology equipment, desire to launch tasty and delicious sweets - these are the reasons of all advantages of Belle Amie products. The choice of sweets stops here!